Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bad Night, Good Day

This little bug just had a no good, terrible night. Which means Mommy and Daddy had a no good, terrible night. Not once since she was a newborn babe has she had a night where she just could not sleep. So I'm thankful, one bad night I can handle. We tried rocking her, putting her in our bed, we changed diapers, changed crib locations, you name it, but she just could not sleep. She's a homebody, she likes to be in her nursery and in her own bed. Anyway, between Kaleb and I both, we got about an hour sleep. I thought it might make the day a little tricky, but it was great. We swam and played, everyone content to lap up every moment of sunshine. 

Eleanor is a total water bug. She absolutely loves it. Her favorite thing to do is raise her arms up high, give you a big grin so she knows your watching, then slam her hands down, splashing everyone. I could watch her do this all day, I know as her mamma I'm biased, but she is just so stinkin cute. 

The day ended with kids so completely weary. We narrowly avoided total breakdown and tucked them into bed quickly. As I type this sweet Eleanor is asleep in my arms. Beautiful child, sleep well. Please.


  1. ah sweet baby, hope she sleeps better and you all have lots of fun! Alli

  2. Hope July 2nd finds happy kids and rested parents. Sure enjoying the blog. Enjoy the fun! (T-Tom)