Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It's Kaleb…

I realized the other day, that I talk a lot about Kaleb, but he hasn't been formerly introduced. So let me tell you a little bit about this man I adore so much.

First off he is an amazing father. He is actively involved in everything with the kids, but it's not just that, he is excited about it. He is patient and so kind to our buggies. He treats the littles with respect and truly listens to all of their sweet chatter. He takes time to teach them trades he learned as a kid, but also loves taking up new hobbies right along with them. Watching him with our babies is beautiful!

Kaleb makes sweeping, drastic changes, both spiritually and emotionally. As his spouse, this can take some adjusting, but once you get acclimated- it's amazing! I do feel like I've been married to a few different Kalebs, and I have loved them all completely, but he just keeps getting better. He constantly surprises me. Along these same lines, he makes strong, sometimes seemingly strange decisions. He always has my support, but regardless of approval or acceptance from others he stands by  his choices unwavering, moving forward unfazed. Looking back these bold decisions have been some of the best for our family.

Over the years I have come to fully trust Kaleb. He is wise. He understands the message of the gospel fully, and can explain it so simply. In a way that sits so lovely with your stomach, that you know, deep down, it's truth. He has brought me so much peace.

Kaleb makes you feel like the funniest person in the room. He laughs with ease. He looks like he belongs on the cover of a romance novel and has locks that would give any girl hair envy. I never go anywhere with him, when someone doesn't stop us to say a celebrity they "swear he looks just like." We've never heard the same name twice. He likes his coffee black. He wears carhartt overalls everyday and I joke with him about getting into costume to do his chores. He cannot cook anything but eggs, which he eats ten of a day. He rarely gets overwhelmed and loves to feel needed.

He is a good man, my Kaleb. We are lucky to have him and I love him so, I hope he knows he is my world. 


  1. I linked this posting about Kaleb on my Facebook account and got over 40 likes and close to 15 comments. Lots of folks reading your blog and loving it.

  2. You are beautiful with words, what a special way to honor your husband!

  3. So eloquent, Chels. I love watching you two love your family. It's beautiful.

  4. You are a wonderful writer! This is an amazing tribute and description of your husband
    The Doctor Diva

  5. Beautiful, Chelsea....just beautiful!

  6. This is beautiful. "Kaleb makes you feel like the funniest person in the room" I loved that line, it made me smile. This was such a sweet writeup of your husband!

  7. And he's like my best friend so there's that!!!