Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sex and Babies

Oh my, get your head out of the gutter, sex as in boy or girl, male or female. My goodness you people, this is a family blog:)

It's a Girl!!!

We are crazy excited to be adding a new little bundle to our brood come October. It feels eternally far away, but I guess in truth we are cruising right along.

When pregnant, the utmost thing every mother desires, above all else, is that the baby is healthy. If ever even asked if your hoping for a boy or girl, inevitably there will be someone there who will step in and say, "oh, it doesn't matter, as long as it's healthy." And, while it can be slightly annoying, it's so, completely, true. Yet still, somewhere deep inside there can be a longing for one or the other. An idea treasured away of what you saw laid out for your family. That being said, of course first and foremost my thoughts were that the baby is healthy, but. . .if I were to be completely upfront and honest with you- I would tell you that it took me just one wild moment of adjusting to the news of a baby girl. Deep down, I had always held some longtime belief that I was made to be a mama to boys. In that same regard, if ever pressed- my hubby would claim he was meant to be a father to girls. So, this was the real deciding factor, with two of each which way would the scale tip? I don't know if I so much had mothers intuition that it was a boy, or I just deeply hoped for one, regardless I had picked out his name and foolishly settled in. Never a wise move for a any of you up and coming mothers out there. 

Thankfully, it didn't take too terribly long for the news to settle and my thinking to align. My ever so kind doctor was sympathetic yet persistent in his attempts to let the facts sink in. As I was walking out his door he slyly said "She is a healthy little girl, She  is lovely, She is perfect, She, She, She." Next my sister-in-law texted me with a girl name reasoning that I may just like it, and I kinda loved it. Also, I've been attempting to go thru and delete pictures and save pictures and load pictures, an endless project that I'm about five years behind on, anyway, I came across video after video of our little Eleanor- it's truly impossible to not want another little gal after that! She is such a hoot. Then it hit me- watching these two little girls grow up close in age is going to be pretty freaking amazing! I always wanted a sister, well, maybe not so much as a kid, but indubitably once I grew up. They seem to stick together forever, and I profoundly can't get enough of that thought.

Theres just a whole lot of joy and buzz going around our home right now- it's all very exhilarating!