Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A week in snippets

Tuesday-spent the entire day with a girlfriend sans my wee ones. Ummmmmm yeah, hello adult conversation. Only took me a couple hours to get the hang of it again, but no worries, I found my stride soon enough. Oh, and the best part, WHIPPETS! Is anyone else obsessed with these dark chocolate covered, fruit filled, marshmallow clouds of deliciousness?

Wednesday- Yes, Kaleb did have to drive the kids around in a rain deluge while I got my hair redone for the second time in two days. I told you, I am not good with hair change, but have no fear its back to looking the same as it did before, minus half an inch. Oh yeah, and the electricity went out midway. So there I am,  foil all over my head and a crowd of beauticians holding their cell phone flashlights over me saying things like, "do you think it's finished?" "Does it look too yellow?" good times, good times.

Thursday- We are officially out of groceries, and I wonder can we survive off of meat and whippets. Watch out people, this is not good for my hanger.

Friday- Went out on a swanky date night with friends. When, oh when, will I stop dressing like a teenage wannabe hippie. I think it's time, but I'm just not ready.

Saturday- Another date night. Had the opportunity to go to a local coffee shop and hear my amazing brother do a gig. Was totally looking the part, feeling uber cool and young, out late listening to music. That is, until he played a song he wrote about my grandparents and I fell to pieces. Here, take my cool card back please, I don't deserve it.

Sunday- Wanted to stay in bed all day, in my pajamas, laying next to my lovey, and watch an entire season of something funny from beginning to end. Possibly eat just a few more whippets. That is  NOT what happened.

Monday- It's Monday, enough said!

Tuesday- Everybody took a nap. Really, does it get any better? Followed by a swim and we finally have the beach set up so it's much more fun. Topped it off with a bonfire where we roasted hot dogs and made s'mores. I love my little family. Forever and Ever.


  1. Such a good idea for a post, a lovely read

  2. I say yes to looking like a teenage wannabe hippie. ;) & your most recent Tuesday sounds magical! Napping and swimming are two of my favorite actives!

    1. Lol, thanks- I guess I'll stick with it a little longer:)