Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I am with my buggies all day everyday, and it is awesome. I would not trade it for the world, but…sometimes, it can be challenging. There are moments when I feel like a good cry or a loud piercing scream would be just the ticket.

Now, rare to never do Kaleb and I get to go out on an actual date, but we have a home date nearly every night beginning at 8 o'clock. We keep a pretty strict bedtime for the crazies, because it's so important to the both of us that we have some alone time, and at the end of the day were pretty desperate for some adult conversation. Some nights its nothing more then sitting beside each other on the couch watching our favorite show. Other nights its something fancier, like a game of croquet and a cold drink under the stars, or waiting to have dinner just the two of us. Sometimes, it's simply doing chores out on the farm together. Regardless of what it may be, it's my secret to sanity. It keeps our marriage always on the forefront and gives us an opportunity to dream and connect. A moment, to catch up, share and usually have a good laugh.

When we do not have this time together, like the past few weeks, I turn into a big time grump. Those few hours are sacred. They remind me that I am a bit more then a mum, that I'm still a woman, that I can be funny. Let me tell you, I love this man, he is so good to me. He still makes me laugh more then anyone else, and I always look forward to the evenings, so I can have him all to myself. 

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