Thursday, July 17, 2014

It's Complicated...

The farm and I are fickle friends. I sway, back and forth. Thinking it's the loveliest place around one moment, to really not liking it so much the next. Let me be clear, I completely and totally realize what a blessing this place is and I am humbly grateful, but like everything in life, my feelings for it are ever changing, cyclical, and always evolving. As of late, I've not been such a big fan.

Let me explain, farm life can be kinda hard. For one, it can be a little lonely out here. You're far away from everybody and I can go days with out seeing anyone. If Kaleb weren't out here with me, well, I just couldn't do it. Also, if you have a penchant for being easily overwhelmed, which I do, then it is doubly difficult. Not only are you cleaning, care taking and up keeping your house and yard, but you've got acres of land that is all too quickly becoming overgrown and gradually going back to its natural wild state. There is a lot that is demanding of your attention, time and pocketbook. It can be a heck of a lot of pressure trying to keep it all together and hopefully improving it, knowing someday this will belong to your children. Also, and here's the kicker, we're relying on animals, grass and good weather. Pretty much everything is out of our control.

These are the times, when I want to pack up, move to a one bedroom apartment in a huge city for a few months. Have nothing to clean or take care of but a few square hundred feet, be wholly surrounded by people and crowds and gain some serious perspective.

But then, you have a week like this one. One filled with promises of summer fun on the banks of a pond fishing, or running thru tall fields wild and free playing hide and go seek. Moments of watching my wilds adventure and explore and knowing deep down that this is where it's at. Life is happening here on the farm. We top it off with a drive thru the fields, windows down, music blaring and joy and freedom wash over me and I happily allow it.

and the piece de resistance- a newly contrived swimming hole.

Alright fine, you win, I do love you!

p.s. Don't forget the giveaway closes tonight, so leave a comment on mondays post for a chance to win a pair of seriously cute moccasins from freshly picked. Winner will be announced tomorrow!


  1. Great shots at the pond. Fish, really?

    1. Thanks for sharing your swimming hole with us! Your farm always makes for the best days (company doesn't hurt either)!

  2. i think no matter where we are we have feelings such as that about somewhere else. But like you say you have moments where you see what you have. Your blog and photos are beautiful!

    1. Absolutely true! Thanks for stopping by!