Thursday, July 3, 2014

10 things to know about me…

  1. I'm terrible with anything hair related. I'm sure my hairdresser despises me, I cry at nearly all hair appointments (and Dr. appointments, I don't know why).
  2. I have not so great pregnancies. The babies are so perfectly healthy, but I am very sick- hyperemesis gravidarum at it's finest. Were talking weekly iv's, hospital stays, the whole nine yards. I clearly have an obsession because the moment that baby pops out, I forget the whole thing, and would easily have five more.
  3. I am the worlds worst arguer/debater. I rare to never even know what were talking about and have absolutely no mental capacity for any of it. Inevitably I will end up saying something like "oh yeah, well the cat is blue." Yes, it really is that bad.
  4. I am not a great cook. I am however an adventurous cook. I hardly ever cook the same thing twice, am always trying some new recipe I tore out of a magazine or found on pinterest, and the majority are epic fails.
  5. I have a serious and debilitating addiction to reading. I love it. Once I pick up a book I cannot stop until I have read it cover to cover. I banned myself from reading for the past year, for the health and well being of my family.
  6. One might say, Im not to grounded in reality. I'm a dreamer, an optimist. I love anything outside the box, and wholly believe that anything is possible.
  7. I love to learn, no matter what it may be. I took violin lessons this past semester, I have taken photography courses, and researched the gamut of topics from the birthing of calves to cake decorating. My dad kindly refers to me as a renaissance woman, which is a nice way of saying that I dabble in lots, but am not great at any one thing.
  8. I have severe wanderlust. I long to see the world and to take the buggies with us. I want to show them a diverse culture, introduce them to new cuisines and different ways of life.
  9. I am a quiet and semi-introverted individual. I'm soft spoken and a bit of a mumbler, which all in all is a terrible combination.
  10. I love my friends and family. I am fiercely protective, and forever loyal. I have had the same best friend since I was fifteen. I do true, lasting friendships over acquaintances, and motherhood suits me. I have a built in group that I finally fit in with and I do not take one day of that for granted.


  1. great fun to read. i relate to #s, 2, 5, a smattering of 6, 7, 8, and 9 lol

  2. Okay-
    First off #1--- Your hair is awesome! I've had "hair envy" even before I knew your name.. just from seeing you around! lol
    #2- Way to be a trooper! They are so worth it!
    #3 This made me laugh!
    #4 Typically- I always serve guests a new recipe. I don't know why I do this. I just do. I've had some epic FAILS and some successes as well!
    #5 Okay- Same here. I've also had to ban myself from reading.... otherwise my kids would be standing on the counters holding knives or something because I'm stuck in a book. I am reading mainly non-fiction right now, so that I can take it in slow and soak it up. I treat myself to "fiction" every now and then. I just know I'll be stuck in the book!
    #6 I love dreamers. I would also consider myself a big dreamer :)
    #7 I would say the same about myself here! However, all of my cake decorating attempts have caused my family a good laugh.
    #8 Same here- I want to travel, show my kids the world through a different lens. I was able to travel the US as a young one- and hope to do that for my kids as well. However, I typically spend my travel fund on a house project. A goal this year is to leave the projects and invest in the travel.
    #9 We may be opposites here. lol- but that sometimes makes the best of friends. I'm an over achiever extrovert, who over analyzes and over plans. I plan to be spontaneous. But I want simple, care free living- and living with intent and purpose to pause and soak in all of God's goodness that he has given us. Sometimes these are contradicting traits. But as I age and am becoming more refined-- I'm getting much better at just "rolling with it".
    #10. True friendships are the best. I'd rather have 1 good friend than 100 acquaintances. Family is the best way to "build your inner circle". So glad God entrusted me with 3 little ones!

    Sorry for writing a book on your comment wall! :)