Monday, June 30, 2014

The Weekend and a Little Getaway.

The weekend flew by. Kaleb was working Friday evening, so the buggies and I hit up the gym and then headed out for smoothies. Saturday we hosted a big going away bash for some friends, which turned out to be a great excuse to get the farm picked up and back to its once former self. Sunday we set out for a little vacation with my side of the family. I am so thankful for a brief getaway, as Ive been feeling a bit overwhelmed as of late, sort of like I'm failing at everything. Its not the best feeling, but I've been in the mommy game long enough to know that it's cyclical, and just when you're feeling the worst about yourself, it's over. Everyone gets along again, I feel like a got a handle on things, and as a whole it's back to that beautiful blissful place. Here's to hoping I hit that stride again, and soon!