Monday, April 27, 2015

A Hello, an Update, an I'm Sorry, and an I Miss You


Yowzer, I cannot even fathom how long it's been since I've been in this space. I miss this space- it's such a beautiful reflection of our life, and a wonderful home for me to create, and write and photograph. Please know, I had no intention of giving it up, and still don't, but a break was- well, seemingly mandatory.

For those who haven't heard, Kaleb and I are expecting our fifth little wild! We could not possibly be more excited! We tried to put the phase behind us and move on, but in our heart of hearts, that's just not what either of us wanted. Although, I think I've made my self pretty clear when I say I'm an eternal optimist, and not very grounded in reality- this was a perfect real life example. For the thought never truly occurred to me that I could be sick again, that of course I would be sick again. The reality of my pregnancies are downright brutal, and sadly, my reality did set in- swiftly and with a vengence!

Miracle of all miracles though, thru some research, vitamins, and a ridiculously strict whole food eating regime, I am back on my feet and feeling better then I ever could have hoped in a pregnancy. Knock on wood and a whole lot of prayers, that it will continue!

All of that to say, that I'm sorry I left you all in the lurch, with no tale of my whereabouts. I had dreams and visions, of a beautiful bundle announcement, yet the weeks slowly came and went, and I have yet to even get my camera out ( can't say that I'm overly pumped about being in front of it either:) I also want to say huge Thank You for the many emails I received from all of you. You cannot possibly imagine how much each one meant to me, while I was struggling thru that time. They quite literally made my day!

Hopefully, I will be back to reading all about you all too. I've missed catching up on your lives as well! I can't promise that I will be back as often and as thoroughly as before, but I have high hopes of documenting this incredible phase of our lives.