Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How does your garden grow...

Gardening has been a fairly new venture for our family. We did our first one about three years ago. It went so well and we had the best time working in it. Unfortunately, it seems it was a bit of beginners luck. So, this spring I set out strong. It was going to be the year of the garden, I just knew it! I decided we needed to go a little bit bigger since there wasn't mushroom in our previous garden (see what I did there, its good right?)
Kaleb dug me up a nice big plot, right smack dab in the middle of the field. My heart was soaring, I had visions of me out working that beautiful soil in a long flowing eyelet dress and a big floppy hat. Sounds realistic, huh? 

I digress. As it turns out a garden cut out in the middle of the field, is really just good for growing more grass and maybe a few snakes. It has not been romantic at all. I do not carrot all for weeding, and this year has been more then I can handle. It has totally and completely squashed my gardening spirit.

It has however bean an ok year for kale, and I yam loving having a few fresh veggies (I could go all day here people, settle in.) Good, home grown goodness, fresh from your garden, cannot be beet.
With a little sass from my hubby the other night, he tried to make me admit that I don't like gardening. I stand by the fact, that indeed I do enjoy it. Just in a nice clean area, that's beautifully manicured and looks like it should belong on the cover of a magazine- whats wrong with that, am I asking too much? 
Obviously, I still have lots to learn and lucky for Kaleb, I have drawn up a whole new layout for next years garden. I'm thinking raised beds.

Peas, lettuce pray it goes better! 


  1. Your garden looks amazing! You did an awesome job. Those veggies are super glamorous!

  2. Oh Chels! I love, love, love your punny writing!! Keep it coming!