Friday, December 5, 2014

where the wild ones are

As this is my journal of sorts, I wanted to jot down some little bits about these boys of mine. Exactly 19 months apart, their divide has been bridged, their relationship and personalities have shifted, and  they have emerged the best of friends. 

It's been an incredible trip to watch unfold.

These wilds go everywhere together. They tromp all over this farm- two comrades on the search for adventure. They are the first ones dressed every morning, tapping me on the shoulder, begging to go outside.

They use their axe and machete like it's their job, and they are up and out at the crack of dawn near every morning- off to chop down more vines, small trees or fire kindling. When taking a breather from their "work", they head to the porch- pocket knives in hand to do some good ole fashioned whittling. 

I have so many whittled sicks, you wouldn't even believe it. They have placed a good majority of them on the Christmas tree as rustic decor, but what's left have been not so carefully wrapped up as gifts-for any  unsuspecting soul. I have a feeling we will be opening up a lot of sticks this year!

If indoors they seem to have to be wrestling, and each game they contrive is rougher and louder than the next. 

On top of all that wildness and inherit boyness though- is two of the funniest little spirits. Wholly full of love and so giving with their love. They are first to tell me how beautiful I look each morning, and never fail to give me smooches before they run outside or leave a room for that matter, and they will shout "I love you!" anytime, anywhere.

That's my favorite part!

Last week I was in a crowded restroom, and I hear one of them- mid-potty yell out over din, "I Love you Mamma". There was an audible ahhhhh from the other women in the room and my heart melted. In school with Aussie yesterday the boys were out with their Dad and here they come, faces pressed against the glass, blowing me kisses and telling me they love me. They will be out doing their chores and here they come, poking their little noggins in the door for a quick I love you before they head on their merry way. 

I'm not sure how long these day will last, but right now I want to soak up every moment, to remember this time in their boyhood when they were best friends, uninhibited, joyous, so curious about life and the great outdoors, always seeking new exploits and learning, always learning. 

Can I just stay here a little bit longer? It's such an extraordinary phase of life, and these wild ones are my constant reminder to stay curius, and active. They force me to be braver, to run and play and build and be free. I love being their mamma.


  1. It always makes me laugh that you call them the wild ones. That's what my dad used to call us when we were little. Such a great way for them to grow up. Kids have to run outside and play!


  2. Perfection! I love how boys love their mommies. They are so lucky to be running free and not stuck in a classroom being told to sit still!

  3. lucky mama! it sounds like you a have pair of thoughtful and sensitive boys (i can already tell thay'll make great men one day!)
    just last week - for the first time - my little guy held my face between his hands and planted a BIG kiss right on my lips. it was the sweetest gesture of affection yet! i cannot wait until he is speaking in full sentences. xo

  4. This is so special! What an amazing time in life for all of you. My boyfriend's mom always talks about how he was the sweetest little boy, always showering her with love. Makes my heart melt :)

  5. What little sweeties, they are such lucky little boys to have you as their mama. I love reading about your adorable family.

  6. So sweet! There is nothing quite like an "I love you" from your little boys. Enjoy each moment. xo

  7. It's so great that they get along! That's a huge blessing....
    I love the little "I love you mama"s and spontaneous kisses too! I hope our boys always do this.
    The Doctor Diva

  8. Your boys are so cute! And kids are seriously amazing... so curious and always questioning everything. and so honest. and happy. I love spending time with my nieces, they remind me to act silly and have lots of fun :)


  9. This is such beautiful writing. Darling that you're recording all their beautiful moments: the 'I love you' moments are just too precious NOT to record!!!! [Totally with you on the 'they make me better' front....]....hoping everyone likes their Christmas sticks ;)

  10. This brought a little tear to my eye. So so sweet. I thank my lucky stars every single day that I have a little boy. They are the best! The thought of giving him a pocket knife both terrifies and intrigues me. What age did you start letting your boys use knives? I think its a wonderful skill to have at such a young age.

    What a beautiful story to cherish through the years.


    1. Oh yes it can be quite terrifying- we let them have their first knife at five, so Isaac is still waiting, but we let him borrow one as long as we are with him. The axe and machete were a little more scary, but kaleb does a great job of teaching the kiddos the proper way to handle them and safety tips. I can get myself quite worked up over it, but honestly I trust them- they are good kids and have a good grasp of it!

  11. cute babies and nice post dear :)

  12. ahhh what a beautiful post- photos, words and reminder. My son does the same thing and it just makes my heart burst, reminders to be even more patience, gracious and thoughtful when tested later on.

  13. your boys are the best! the kisses and i love you's made my heart melt. so touching. isn't it funny how they can be so boyish, yet so heartfelt. you should be proud. they are going to grow up to be great men. thanks for sharing.

  14. Your posts make me want to have kids so bad!! I can't wait to have those experiences with my future little ones. So sweet.

  15. Beautiful pictures!!!
    Melanie @

  16. awesome shots as usual!!!