Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Whole Lot of Happy

There has been a whole lot of happy here on the farm. I can honestly tell you that it's been quite wild. There have been moments when I've been so exhausted that all I wanted was to sit and cry. The excitement of the season has taken hold of my littles and they have been non-stop. Wild to the core. My bones are weary, my muscles sore- but my heart full. It seems near pushed to it's limit, bursting with love and a feeling I can't quite explain, but I know it's good. It seems a heady combination of contentment, peace, and maybe beauty.

Here's a few things that have made it all so grand.

On a hike thru the farm recently, Aussie and I stumbled upon a blown in strand of holiday tinsel. Nonchalantly, we placed it on an evergreen as we walked home- but then we got an idea, a lovely idea. We always take a big hike on our Christmas day, so we have sneakily bought and made ornaments and decorated the loveliest of Christmas trees right smack dab in the middle of our field. We are so excited to surprise everyone on our walk! She and I have stowed away candles and books and hope to make it the sweetest of traditions yet. 

Aussie has been asking for a kitchen for Christmas. I have not been so intrigued- they take up a lot of room, can be quite tacky, and I didn't really see her playing it with that much. Well, we really couldn't come up with anything else, she is definitely the hardest to buy for, so we decided to build her one. Kaleb has crafted her the cutest little play area, made of refurbished barn wood and old treasures we've garnered from Grandparents. I've spent my evening painting it, and not to toot my own horn, but it is so charming, I think she will love it! Plus, it can go outside come spring, so it's a win, win.

Little Eleanor, has been a bundle of mess lately. Getting into anything and everything. She simply cannot leave the presents under the tree alone, they beckon to her, taunt her, and she must, she simply must have them. It's been hilarious to see her crawling under the tree, debating and finally grabbing one and hustling away. She is going to be so fun come Christmas day, I can't wait to see her open gifts this year!

Kaleb and I had been hoping to find a little dirt bike for Zain this year. Yesterday, we came across an old and very used one that hopefully will be perfect. It has been hilarious to watch Kaleb- I swear, he's more excited than Zain will be. Every night after kids go to bed, he makes me bundle up and head out to the garage to tinker with it, and then proceeds to ride it all over the farm. I wish I had a picture, because it is too much! He has on a headlamp for light and even with his knees tucked completely up, his feet are still dragging the ground. Hopefully, Zain will be as thrilled to receive it as Kaleb is to give it!

Then there's the little things, the moments that add up to make it all the better. Snuggles by the fire place as we read book after book, the sweetness that snowbeard has brought us, each kid taking a turn staying up late to wrap gifts for each other, sitting at the table chatting away as everyone colors and crafts, all made cozier with treats and warm drinks. 

So, yes- there hasn't been much quiet or calm, but I know there will probably be too much of that in future Christmas's, so for now, I think I'll simply settle in- revel in the crazy, the noise and the slight chaos that is right now.


  1. Beautiful shots, dear. I love how you captured these moments.

  2. These moments all sound so perfect. It is so cute that the two of you will have a surprise tree all ready for your hike on Christmas day! A tradition of a hike sounds pretty great in and of itself.

  3. Sounds just lovely. Can't wait to hear what the rest of the family thinks about your tree on Christmas Day :) We love our Christmas morning hike, such a peaceful time.

    Happy holidays to you and your beautiful family. Enjoy the holiday week, and soak up the goodness this time of year brings. All the best. xo

  4. Another beautiful and heartwarming post! The photos of your children playing are really lovely and it's so impressive that you've been hard at work doing some DIY for a Christmas gift; our time and effort can be the greatest gift of all, but I have a feeling the gift will be especially appreciated this Christmas! :) Merry Christmas - it's been a pleasure getting to know you! :)


  5. This is so fun. I love it when people are so excited to give the gifts. :) A picture of your husband on the little dirt bike would be so funny to see. haha I hope that once everyone has settled into Christmas things calm just a little for you. :) Here things are busier than expected always. Saturday (which I had thought was relatively free... ha!) was filled with breakfast with friends, an afternoon signing papers for our new vehicle, and evening with my extended family. The evening with my family was lovely, we all watched home movies that my grandfather (who has passed away) took of us girls as children. There are 7 of us total, 5 of us made it into the videos. But there are volumes and volumes. We watched a few disks and laughed and laughed. It was so fun. Nothing like what we usually do. Sunday was filled with running errands and doing projects around our home. KC has been working on building a cat tree and scratching posts for our cat. What we have wasn't working out, but he finished everything but one piece of the project last night. We also cleaned up, baked, made a menu, grabbed groceries, and sat down together to relax while we watched 'The Santa Clause'... it was a busy but great weekend. XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. oh heaven. your opening line, "There has been a whole lot of happy here on the farm" made me sigh, and then when i read you decorated a tree in the middle of the woods (as a surprise) i was thinking you have the most awesome family of all. have i told you jon wants to buy a farm when we move out of the apt next year? i've been opposed - i love living downtown - but you make it sound kinda like a dream.

  7. Ah! I love reading your posts. Your honesty is so refreshing, but I do appreciate how you work hard to make every moment count. Even the "mundane". What a splendid idea about decorating a tree in the middle of the forest. So very romantic and magical...that pretty much sums up your holiday season. Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments. Also, a quick blurry photo of your hubby on the dirt bike would be beyond perfect. I can't imagine. lol
    Texas Jak

  8. Oh goodness, you guys are just the cutest! Your gifts for the littles sound wonderful, especially that kitchen!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas :-)

  9. So much love and life in this household I love reading about it! I love the idea of building a mini-kitchen, she is going to love it!



  10. I just love your attitude Chelsea. You have such a beautiful way of finding the positives in everything.

    Embrace the crazy! That's a work in progress for me. :o)


  11. Super cute pictures!

  12. I love posts about your kiddies. This is such a happy time of year that I'm not surprised things are a whole lot of happy on your end :)

  13. Oh my, I *love* the idea of the decorated tree outside in the woods.....wonderful,. wonderful, that they're all so excited (and your perfect descriptions of this!).....Aussie will *love* her kitchen, I'm sure of it (I made one for my daughter too and she plays with it every single with plasticine, making mud pies, all sorts......(so amazing for her imagination!) your it xxx

  14. I can't wait to see photos of everything you guys built & painted & designed for Aussie!