Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Day- Part 1

I had visions of what christmas day would be like dancing around in my head. Daydreams of the six of us snuggled up cozily reading book after book, legs and arms weaved together and a mess of blankets all jumbled on the couch as we watched christmas classics on the small screen, all intermixed with snacks, treats and delicious warm drinks.

It was nothing like that.

I have lovingly taken to call my brood- the wilds, because- well, that is who they are. There's a lot of them and they rare to never sit still, and quiet they are not! So, I'm not really sure who's family I was picturing in my head, but it certainly was not mine.

That being said- it was hands down the best Christmas I have ever had! Better than I could have planned and dreamier than the ones I imagined. We adventured, we were active, we played, we imagined, we created- we enjoyed.

It was a tradition in my childhood home to make Christmas last all day. We would start with stockings, have some breakfast, open a couple presents (one at a time), go play together, open a few more and so on and so forth, til you opened your final present right before bed. For me, this is the way it should always be done, and how we have continued operating in my own home.

The wilds woke up and we dove right into stockings, examining each piece, taking the time to check out each others riches, before finally moving on to our breakfast feast. For the next round- we brought out their big gifts- a kitchen for Aussie, a dirt bike for Zain, and a pocketknife for Isaac. Each child was so genuinely ecstatic about their gifts. I can't even describe how much fun it was, just sheer happiness all around.

We spent the next few hours with lessons in knife wielding and biker safety, and plenty of time spent in the little kitchen dreaming up all kinds of deliciousness. 

Kaleb and I could not get over how well Zain did- he was so wildly brave! On his first attempt, his legs were shaking and his eyes wide, completely quiet he climbed on, his time had come to put Daddys instructions into practice. I have to tell you, I was so nervous. I've not been around dirt bikes and hardly know how to even ride a bicycle, so this is quite new to me. My heart was pounding and I had a huge knot in my tummy as he revved the engine and took off. The kid, was amazing, such a natural. The rest of us were so excited- running around behind him, cheering him on, excitement thick in the air- it was a moment. . . an incredible one.

After he had had a few go's, he hopped off and came to stand next to me. Helmet and goggles still in place, and with a gloved hand he held mine- staring straight ahead at his bike, he said "this is the best gift I've ever got," and like the sap I am, I started balling. Tear after tear dripping down my face as the impact of what an incredible day it had been and what a beautiful life we have, hit me. Sweet little kiddo, he had no idea what was going on, which then just got me giggling.

After a quick look at the time, we realized it was going on four o'clock and we still hadn't taken our annual christmas hike, or ventured inside to open another gift. There was still so much goodness left to come, but I'll tell you all about that tomorrow!


  1. Great read! It actually felt like I was reading a page or pages from a book! So glad you all had a great Christmas.


  2. Heavenly. Divine. Delicious. Beautiful.

  3. What a fun day! I love the excitement of children on Christmas. I had sort of a rude awakening to that at an extended family gathering. The kids were tearing through all of the gifts in an instant. The adults weren't even watching or phased by it. The kids didn't blink. It was so hard to watch. In great (thank goodness!) contrast my sweet little sister was over the moon about each gift she received from family on Christmas Eve. She shouted ' this is the one I wanted!! ' over and over. It was such genuine joy. On Christmas morning my husband and I went to see her and my parents, Santa had left presents (significantly less than at the extended family Christmas, and less than what I am used to seeing from Santa), and there she was joyful as ever. I was so proud to see her excitement and her willingness to be creative. Monster High dolls seem to be all the rage here for girls her age, her big Santa present was craft materials to design and build her own Monster High Mansion with mom. My other sister and I helped too. She had so much fun coloring in the bricks, designing the walk in closet with a balcony... it was so lovely. So glad that you got to see that kind of joy in your own kiddos too. I think I had taken it for granted! XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    1. Oh I know- it's so hard to watch. Slow and steady if the way to go!

  4. Sounds absolutely wonderful!

  5. I'm hooked! Wow, this Christmas sounds like so much fun and full of love and excited laughter. I'm so happy to hear your traditions are leaving a lasting impact. Your hubby did a good job on the kitchenette
    Texas Jak

  6. you inspire me, chelsea. i'd have been just like you, with my stomach in knots watching my little boy on a dirt bike for the first time. but i love how you yielded yourself to trust and let him on his own to try it out and even opened yourself to the possiblity of him taking a tumble. you and kaleb do it right by teaching the children first and guiding them through new adventures before letting them off on their own to discover for themselves. it's a wonderful analogy for parenthood in general. made my heart happy, this story did. ;)

    1. Thank you so much!! These sweet comments for all of you really bolster my spirits and I can't tell you how happy they make me!

  7. Oh I love that idea! We tend to open gifts slowly, one at a time, but we only make it last through the morning, then play all afternoon/evening. But I love the idea of savoring them even more. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas, friend!

  8. Awww, so glad you guys had a great Christmas- the pictures are amazing! :) Those happy, shining faces.

    Le Stylo Rouge

  9. I love your family's take on Christmas Day! Everyone looks genuinely ecstatic and the idea of you crying over your son's happiness of his gift is truly heartwarming. I'm looking forward to part two! :)



  10. Adorable pictures!


  11. Those pictures are beautiful!
    Happy New Year
    I hope 2015 will be a great year for you!

  12. Sounds like a perfect Christmas! And I love that you all go on an annual Christmas hike, such a cool tradition!

    Happy New Year Chels!




  13. love it when plans don't turn out the way you thought but even better! xo

  14. Sounds like such a lovely Christmas. I love the idea of opening presents throughout the day. I wish we could do that but it's impossible in my family. maybe one day when I have kids I will try and do that with them :)


  15. It is funny how sometimes we have an idea of what the perfect day looks like in our head... and then it turns out completely different but even more perfect. It sounds like the sweetest family time was had. I can't wait to read part two!

  16. They may be wild, but they sound so appreciative and sweet! I love the idea of a Christmas hike.

  17. I love the idea of making Christmas last all day - definitely something I'll think about doing when I have a little family of my own!

    - Sarah :)

  18. Aww it sounds wonderful in it's own wild sort of way! :)

  19. Looks and sounds like a wonderful Christmas!!!