Thursday, September 4, 2014

week of woes

I like to show the happy. To write about seconds that mattered. Moments that crept up on us and became exceptional. The little giggles shoved in-between the big hullabaloo. I want to be able to look back someday, and not just be left with a vague recollection of it all but concrete proof of our journey. 

Swirled in between all of these wonderful moments, mixing effortlessly are struggles, hard times and every now and again a plain old bad day. I want to remember these times also, to retain an honest sense of it all. This week has been just that, a struggle, with a couple bad days thrown in for good measure!

Homeschooling started off so well, everyone was excited and we genuinely enjoyed it. This week has ended in tears and me questioning near all my decisions and know how.

Figuring out what direction to take the farm in, truly examining what we want and more important how to get there- has been hanging over Kaleb and I like a thick fog. It feels like we are fighting our way thru it blindly only to end up right back where we began.

Combine it with all your other basic mayhem and I am left bone weary. 

It's a brief minute, and I know that. Time to let go of the unknowns, of what I think should happen and live in what is. Because what is. . . is pretty great.


  1. Sorry about yor difficult time! It'll get better :) Stay strong

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  3. My philosophy right now: take it one day at a time! It is good to acknowledge that life isn't all rainbows and butterflies though :)

  4. Sorry to hear that but I think you're really brave to do homeschooling

  5. "I want to remember these times also, to retain an honest sense of it all." - love that honesty. i've always wanted my blog to focus on the good, but i find myself posting things that are more heartbreaking than happy every now and again. the way i see it, the struggles serve to highlight the happy moments - give them the color and outline that makes them all the more worthwhile. hope that everything begins to fall into place for you <3

  6. Oh wow, that is a lot to handle all at once. The general busy-ness of life plus starting home schooling and trying to figure out what to do with your farm. Lots of big questions all at once! I do love that you are so honest about where you are in life. Sometimes there are hard days and it's good to remember them because they are what make the good days so much sweeter.

  7. Your last two sentences, spot on! I needed to hear that. Also look at this cutie!



    1. Lol, I love that picture, thought it was so perfect for the post!

  8. The bad moments can become all consuming very easily. I love your attitude on accepting and dealing with it all, especially the last sentence. Good luck fighting your way through. Even if you don't end up where you originally wanted to, I'm sure you will still end up in some place amazing.

  9. I hope that you'll feel better :)

  10. Oh babe.... I'm so sorry.
    I really hope you'll feel better as soon as possible.
    Please stay strong
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage diary Fashion Blog

  11. Omg what a cutie!!! Sorry to hear you're having trouble homeschooling! Stick with it I'm sure it will get better once you get into a routine!

    <3 Shannon

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  13. Homeschooling is hard and honestly I can never do it so kudos to you. Stay strong and keep your chin up sweetie. xx

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  14. Looks like you are staying true to your blogging intent, i.e. recording your daily life including the good, the bad and the ugly (sounds like a movie). Maybe Nana can help carry your load for a few days.

  15. lovely pic!

  16. What a sweet little face, awww... ;)

    Love, xoxo

  17. LIfe isn't always a bed of roses, I always admire bloggers that can share the good and the bad. Hope next week perks up for you darling :)

  18. I love this and your blog so much. It's all so honest and true, and I think we can all relate to where you're at. I hope it gets better soon!

  19. What is, is existence. No matter what is thrown your way, you ultimately have control over how you feel/react/etc. to it. So yes, bad days come & go; but, at least you have a support system, family. (: Wishing you better days.

    ♥ | | xoxo

  20. Stay strong, I think you're really brave <3

    Rebecca Coco

  21. I hope everything starts working out better for you! The bad days make the good ones that much better :).

  22. We've all been there. You are my beautiful, strong friend and I know you will always overcome or at least be content to be in it until that time comes. Love ya!

  23. And that picture just made my morning by the way:) perfection!