Monday, September 29, 2014

looking forward

It is with a mixture of excitement and woe that we finally arrived home. The trip was so good. It was good for our spirits for our souls and our family. 

As we took that sharp right and headed up our driveway and got that first glimpse of home, our home, there was delight there. It's a good home, filled with so much love and happiness. Only the tiniest nagging in the back of the mind, pulling it back to far away places and the ease and freedom only vacation can bring.

On our last day there, Aussie and I strolled hand in hand along the beach. Together we made list of all the things we were excited for when we got home. For me, it was fall. I'm finally ready. Bring on the chill! Let's get a roaring fire going and snuggle up under thick blankets while we chatter about and drink mulled wine. I'm ready to break out the hay bales and pumpkins and adorn the porch in it's red and orange autumn get-up. Fill my planters to the brim with substantial cabbages, cheerful oxalis, and of course mums.

I'm also feverishly looking forward to hunting season. Part of even attempting homesteading is eating from the land. So in keeping, Kaleb and I have both become hunters of sorts. For me it's the most lovely time. I get to be alone, which is a rare and beautiful occurrence, I get to read (oh how completely blissful) and I get to be out in nature. Wholly surrounded by God's creative and artistically painted picture.

Finally, and this is not so much fall related, just a by product of vacation, I'm all a flutter to love myself a little bit more. Take a hot minute and place some extra attention on taking care of myself. Drink some water, hit up the gym, paint my nails- little things that make a whole world of difference in how I feel.

I think the lot of us came home renewed. A fresh start of sorts to find our way, or forge new paths. New energy and ideas swirling about, mixing effortlessly with broken in routines and goals. I know the kids at least are happy to be home. They have run all over this farm and look exactly the way farm kids should-covered in dirt head to toe, with big ole grins covering their tan little cheeks.

It's going to be good. I can feel a shift in the air, a clearing coming- and we are ready!

p.s.- We love us some mulled wine, it is so so good! I always use the Barefoot Contessa recipe here, and cut it in half. It's the perfect drink for fall!


  1. Glad your vacation was good and you're happy to be home!

  2. Sounds like your vacation was the perfect restart button! So happy to see another post from you :)

  3. So glad you had a good vacation! :) It's nice to recharge the batteries and get away for a bit- but it's also so good to come home!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. such a nice reflective post!! you sound so sweet, hope you enjoy the hunting season!

  5. It's great that you are already in home! This wonderful idea of doing the list, I think I have to do the same. We should be well prepared for the autumn and winter.

    love, xoxo

  6. I love this post, you write beautifully! And totally stealing that mulled wine recipe! I love Ina, she's just the coolest.



  7. I'm glad you had a good vacation. I know whenever I am on vacation part of me doesn't want to leave but another part really does miss home... sure I would love to be on the beach but there's something about home that I don't feel anywhere else :)

    I can't wait for a chill in the air... I also want to sit around a fire, cuddled up. I cannot wait!


  8. I really love this post and the way you wrote it. It felt incredibly genuine and I feel like I can totally relate! I also enjoy the fall season, but it also brings with it this sort of dread because fall turns to winter quite quickly up here in Alberta. So, to get myself through the chilling weather, I countdown to the day when it is finally socially acceptable to start putting up my Christmas lights and decorations. Although, who really cares what's "socially acceptable" or not, right? ;)

    High Heels & Happy Feels

  9. Welcome home!! I know exactly what you mean about that feeling of pulling up your driveway. When I first glimpse our house after a vacation, I always have that wonderful "home coming" feeling. :) So glad your vacation was lovely and that you are now home and excited for fall. :)