Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mr October

October has been a month chalk full of delicious moments, fun outings, friends, family and general merry making. A lot has been featured here on the blog, but there were a few noteworthy affairs that I haven't had an opportunity to share. 

So grab a cuppa and let's catch up. . . 

In just these past handful of weeks, my beautiful wee babe has morphed into a little girl. Walking, and talking and hanging with the big kids like she's one of them. It's beautiful to watch, especially as her brothers and sister so readily take her in, thrilled to have her accompany them on their many adventures. 

As fun as it is to see her blossom, I do miss her baby-ness, her all consuming need for me. We've put breastfeeding behind us for now, my first time to not have a nursing tot in years, and I find myself a little bereft, not sure what to do next.

My amazingly beautiful and talented friend Trisha came to spend the night with me. I am so grateful to have her. She is the most loyal friend a girl could ever hope to have. I feel so honored that she always finds the time to drive two hours to spend the night on the farm. 

With no agenda, we sat at my dining room table til the wee hours of morn chatting away. Always scheming and dreaming together, we planned new ventures and laid out hopes for the road ahead- and laughed- big full belly laughs. I love this gal so!

We have scootered away these fall evenings. My little bugs love them some razor scooters.  With no place to ride at the farm, we load up scooters and the stroller and head to town.

I have enjoyed these evenings so much- The weather has been so mild and the sky so clear. Kaleb and I walk hand in hand sipping hot lattes, all the while the three bugs ride on. Filled with excitement and frenzied energy, they roar ahead showing off new tricks as they go. Our little Eleanor so calmly relaxing in the stroller as she enjoys the show. Good times, these nights.

Using some spray paint we found in the garage, Kaleb fashioned the kids their very own football field. So any downtime seems to have been filled with hilarious tournaments that somehow evolve into huge family wrestling matches. 

These crazies are so used to being here on the farm. They love getting to roam free, run like mad men and play and wrestle. It can sometimes make it challenging to get them into town where they are required to practice a little restraint.  On one such town outing, Zain said, "I just want to go home, so we can be wild!".  

The stars aligned and my BFF and I actually had a day that we could spend together. It's a rare and beautiful occasion, and when it comes around, we jump at the chance and relish every moment. This gal is hilarious! Fiercely loving, smart and beautiful. 

We've been best friends since I was fifteen. Our relationship has stood the test of time. Sometimes we fight like sisters, sometimes were brutally honest, but we're at the loveliest of places where we know that none of it matters. It will do nothing but stregthen us, we're in it for the long haul!

We ate and shopped, had manicures, ate some more, then topped it all off with our first try at hot yoga. It was too fun! She always has to show off. She does headstands like they're a party trick! And yes, I'm a little jealous of them, but she even did one the last time we did yoga together, and we were on paddle boards! It's too much- am I right? I kid, I kid.. It was a fabulous day and I am so crazy blessed to have her.

We got to take a little weekend jaunt with my Mom to celebrate her birthday. One morning we headed straight into the heart of the Ozarks to hike and walk and play. The kids had the best time, running along the path, dipping their hands into the cool stream and exploring uncharted trails.

While strolling I told them a tale of me- a little girl from Alaska who had traveled to see my Grandparents in Missouri. I described to them a day I remember so vividly. My grandma out washing laundry in a silver tub, while my Grandpa had just sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee. He told me if I could catch a floating leaf then legend had it, I would have seven years good luck. I ran and chased and leaped for the free-falling  leaves all day, with never so much as one caught.

My bugs accepted the challenge, and chased those leaves our whole day thru. Except they walked away victors with near forty years good luck for each of them.

Here's Zain with his prize, and it was camo colored to boot- He was a happy boy!

I gifted my previous camera to this beautiful gal, and she has blossomed with it. She carries it with her everywhere, snapping away when she sees fit. We have slowly been learning our way around it, and she has started shooting in manual now! She is such a talented girl and I love watching her grow and her interests change, strengthen and take shape. I am so proud of her.

While driving home one evening listening to the radio, Kaleb heard that the Broadway musical 'Once' was on it's way to the Memphis Orpheum. Sweet man that he is, he surprised me with tickets. It was the most amazing show I have ever seen! The entire cast was so talented and I laughed and yes I'll admit it- I cried too. It was such a dreamy night out with my man. He is the finest one around, this one.

It was a good month, busy sometimes a little crazy, yet delightful all the same. 

Finally I believe fall weather has truly set in and I am excited to welcome November. I have high hopes of taking this month easy, resting. Focusing on being more present and not a million miles ahead on new projects, and to-do lists. Here's to a new chapter!

How was your October? Anything you're looking forward to or hoping to accomplish in November?

p.s. My friend Trisha creates the most lovely hand sewn little girls vintage inspired dresses. You can find them here.


  1. Love your post. [I remember being at a loss for what to do when my daughter stopped breast-feeding - I did it for six years in total (between my older son and her) and it was a wrench to get used to not doing it] glad you had a lovely time with friends and that you managed to go to the theatre! I had to laugh at what your littles said when they were in the town !!! The farm must (obviously *does*!) provide such an idyllic childhood setting for them (she writes, pining for green spaces for my children - I grew up in a huge house on its own acreage, so being stuck in a tiny mid-city apartment now is it's own special kind of torture....)

    1. I don't know, less clean up, no lawns to mow, or fences to mend. Sometimes I think just for a moment it could be nice.

  2. I'm so glad you got to spend some time with your close friend! I love just staying up late chatting with a girl friend... It's so much fun. Wow your little girl is so talented... Even I am not in manual mode yet haha I bet she is going to be an amazing photographer as she gets older!


  3. These pictures are so sweet. I love your re-cap of the month. Heartfelt talks with dear friends are some of the best nights that we get in life. I feel that I've been lacking those lately... which I noticed when we visited some friends in Minneapolis for the weekend. We talked, and talked and talked and talked... it was so nice! Good friends are such a treasure! What a fun surprise to go to a musical! I saw your photo and thought 'that's the orpheum!' -but we've been to the Orpheum in Omaha... who knew it looks the same as the one in Memphis? :) I hope that it was a fun night, I've also been intrigued by 'Once' the musical. XO-Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  4. Lovely photos!! Did you grow up in Alaska?? I'm an Alaska girl too!

    1. Yes! It was lovely, I have never been back, but so hope to one day!

  5. I like how you recapped the month. A very inspiring post. Your friend Trisha is so sweet. It's great to have friends like her. I love the photo of your daughter and her camera. You can definitely see how much she treasures it.


  6. Gorgeous pictures! Beautiful family memories!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  7. Your photos are amazing as always! Looks like you had such a great October. Also, I'm so jealous of your friend's yoga headstand! I've been working on mine, and it is not that easy! ;-)

  8. you take such amazing photos!!!! and holy crap! how do you do a headstand? i have such poor balance that i would fall on my face. maybe that should be a fitness goal of mine

  9. What a successful month! How nice it is to have a best friend like yours, girl time is seriously the best! Also, that chicken costume is to die for!



  10. this was such a lovely post and all of these photos of your children are so beautiful. i remember i was so sad to stop nursing my oldest son when he weened, but after i had twins - when they weened i was ready! and i am so jealous of your outing to see 'once' - that has to be one of my all-time favorite movies, i'd love to see it on stage someday.

    1. Could definitely understand that. I think it's been near seven years running now, so it's very strange. I have never actually seen the movie, but am hoping to do so soon, I'm a little addicted now!

  11. Such a beautiful post - you have the loveliest family. It is so amazing that someone so young is learning how to use a camera manually at such a young age! Truly impressive x E

    Elizabeth Victoria Clark

  12. Your kids are so darling! My neighbor's son has a scooter like that. He loves it. Awww, your youngest girl has truly grown. They grow so quickly. Nothing like a really good girlfriend. You have such a blessed family and life.

  13. It sounds like you've had a beautiful October! Your photography is exquisite! x

  14. lovely pictures ! ♥

    te invito a ver mi nueva entrada " boyfriends " en ..

    un besito !

  15. Awww this was such a beautiful read and I love how you described everything during the month, thank you for introducing us to your friend too….it's always so lovely to see how people go through life together and I love when a friend truly sticks by your side no matter your flaws or the arguments you go through…it's true that experiences like this bring us closer to one another!

    All your photos are beautiful and it's lovely to see the little one also taking photos and getting involved, all so lovely! :)

    I'm looking forward to all the Christmas food hahaha - I know, I'm great! :p

    Hope you're well sweetie and all my love to you and your family! Have a blessed month :)

    Layla xx

  16. It's so wonderful how you capture the electric atmosphere and happiness on camera - it's incredible to see and your photography is consistently of high quality as well. Truly, your blog is really great to visit again and again. Hope your week is going well so far!


    1. Thank you such a kind kind compliment! I always get a little deflated when I sit down to edit photos as I just don't have to much know how, so your compliment makes me so happy!

  17. These pictures are gorgeous!! So stunning. Love the Halloween picture too!

  18. I found you through Christine (so-called homemaker). I absolutely adore the photography in your posts!

    Also, it's nice to see another farm girl around these parts. :) Yay agriculture.

  19. What a full and lovely month you had! And how cute are the kids all decked out for Halloween? Love it.

    Le Stylo Rouge

  20. ah hot yoga! how did you like it? i tried it for a little while and loveee hearing other people's experiences!

  21. So glad you got to spend some quality time with such a wonderful friend!!

    So sweet that you shared stories from your growing up years with your kids. I loved when my parents and grandparents did that as I was growing up. :) And I so love that you have passed your old camera down to your little girl. I got my first camera when I was around her age and I have loved it ever since! :)