Friday, October 31, 2014


Whew! It has been one wild and crazy week. We have been working hard from sun up til sun down on our kitchen make-over and farm clean-up, and I am exhausted and bone-weary. 

Somehow, in the midst of all this hub-ub, Halloween snuck up on me and we barely found a moment to celebrate. For the first year I can remember, we didn't carve a pumpkin, and it broke my heart just the tiniest bit. 

Trick or treating flew by tonight in a flurry of excitement and chaos. It was so cold, but the kids enjoyed every minute of it. Practicing their trick or treats and Thank You's all day, they were thoroughly prepared for their evening. Even little Eleanor joined in on the fun and was so proud of herself, showing off her skittles like it was the best thing she had ever accomplished. 

When we finally made it home, we took a break from everything, piled up on the couch under a hoard of blankets and watched Charlie Brown in It's The Great Pumpkin. I snuggled my babes close and breathed them in, soaking up every inch of them. Hugging them a little tighter and kissing their cheekies a little longer as I tucked them in. 

Happy Halloween!!


  1. Wow, cute costumes. Your children are so beautiful and precious, glad they enjoyed trick or treating ;)


  2. Love your family you all are so awesome! Amazing costumes. Hope you had a lot of fun! :)

    love, xoxo

  3. Oh, so glad you managed to have a lovely evening, in the midst of all your chaos! We didn't carve a pumpkin either, and it too broke my heart a tiny bit :(

  4. Sounds like a great Halloween! Hoping you have time I carve a pumpkin just for fun before the season ends :)

  5. oh my lord look at those precious costumes! LOVING the tights on your little chickie!
    to answer your questions, the cast on my photos isn't from a lens or editing, it's actually a setting on my camera

  6. Your little duckling is so cute!!!! What an amazing family, congratulations!


  7. Your littlest is so amazingly cute in this! What a fantastic costume. Gigantic kudos!

  8. Your children's costumes were so cute! What great pics of them!

  9. Oh my goodness look at all your Marvel superheroes and the cute little duck... super adorable!! You have a beautiful family! :)


  10. LOVE THESE! and LOVE How to Train Your dragon!