Thursday, June 12, 2014


I love little chubby hands. With four littles I don't have a clean surface anywhere. There are fingerprints over every mirror and window. No amount of scrubbing will ever clean the dirty prints off the door ways-but I kind of love it.

Nearly every time I'm out with my buggies, inevitably someone will say "you have your hands full, enjoy it, it goes so fast" and I want to scream out-I know!!! Each year moves faster then the next. I want to bottle it up and hold onto it, but it just keeps slipping through my fingers. Already I can't remember so much of their babyhoods. It just all rolls together into memories you know are sweet, they make you feel comfortable and cozy all over, yet the specifics can get fuzzy.

Lately, I have felt a sense of urgency. To capture those details, document it. Have something to hold on to. My Isaac has some of the best hands I've ever seen. Even though he is four, they are still perfectly chubby, with the cutest dimples on top of his knuckles. I love the way his sweet hands fit into mine, and the feel of those tiny fingers wrapping around me for a tight squeeze. So, I set out to get a picture of those little mitts, and every now and again the stars align and grace you with one perfect shot. That's capable of capturing the essence of that one moment in time, the specifics.

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