Monday, June 16, 2014


As new farmers, taking care of animals can pose its challenges. It's definitely got a steep learning curve, and no amount of research or reading can replace experience. We have had some wild and interesting scenarios since we began, but last week the craziest thing happened, and for the life of me, I still can't figure it out.

One of our cows had a brand new baby calf, and while Kaleb was working with the animals, it got up and teetered its way out of the fence and into the woods. Watching closely, but not wanting to spook it further, he waited a bit, thinking it would either lay down somewhere cozy, where he could then carry it back to its mama, or it would simply head back, seeking its mamas nourishment. A bit later, Kaleb trudged over to where he thought he saw it lay down- and nothing, it was gone, nowhere to be seen. 
A bit panicked, the whole family booted up and headed out, searching for that baby calf. We hiked all through the woods and combed the pastures with no sign of it. Meanwhile, the mama is watching us, with a very confused demeanor, calling out with a "come back" moo every now and then. 

After dark, we finally gave up for the night. A whole host of emotions settled on us. Feeling worried, responsible, and generally sick about the situation we headed to bed, praying it would somehow be alright. Early the next morning, Kaleb went out searching again, I went out at nap time, we all went out in the evening-but still, no calf.

Finally, we decided it was over. It was hopeless,there was no way  a calf could survive in our woods for three days without its mama. We would take it, and try to learn from it.
The following evening Kaleb heads out for his nightly chores and there, standing by its mama nursing, is that beautiful calf, just as bright eyed and healthy as could be. Acted like she had been there the whole time. I just don't get it- farm life my friends- you just never know.

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