Sunday, March 1, 2015

Happiness in a Catch-Up

I cannot tell you how great it feels to be back in this space again. I have missed it, and I have missed all of you!

I want to say a deep heartfelt Thank You, to each one of you who left such sweet comments, and sent kind emails- for your prayers and your kindness- it was a mighty blessing during a very rough week.

And it was a rough one- My Dad stayed with us thru the week, ensuring that he got lots of rest and extra attention. Each day building his confidence and  becoming more and more at peace. Sadly, during his stay- we all got sick. Stomach bugs, viruses, strep- you name it, we had it. It all combined into a very heavy feeling and around Wednesday I found myself crazy sick, in Memphis, crammed in a mass of people, at the theatre to watch the long awaited Lion King- balling my eyes out. I could go no further.

It was just one of those little times in life where you really had to search to find the happy- so I forced myself to sit down and write it out. 

- good books. I just happened to have picked up a copy of Peace Like A River by Leif Enger and had brought it with me to the hospital last weekend. I spent many an hour reading aloud to my Dad and we both were consumed. It is hands down one of the most beautifully written books I've ever come across. Lyrical and profound in it's prose- truly a brilliant read. (T-tom if you're reading this, you will absolutely love this one!)

- Veg Night. Kaleb and I have dubbed Monday nights Veg night. We  put kiddos to bed early, order out food, watch bad tv and just relax all night. It's a whole lotta awesome. This week got away from us, but last night we were able to make up for it.

-My sister-in-law. I am so thankful for her. She is incredibly supportive- texting, calling, checking in on us everyday, bringing meals- She excudes kindness and comfort and I am beyond grateful for her presence in my life.

- hot water. Our hot water heater in no bueno- but this week the heavens parted and gave me the gift of a hot shower- and it was good.

- While still laying around, sleeping off the last dregs of this sickness, my little Eleanor was sitting next to me in bed and she offered me her two most valued treasures. So lovingly she handed me her pacifier and then the corner of her blanket, which she rubbed up and down on my nose, just the way she quiets herself for nap time. I was so honored.

-There's a lot of happiness in the small things too, like non-scented deodorant, twix bars, ginger kambucha, good music, clean sheets. And lots and lots of happy from my people- those four crazy little rascals and Kaleb, always, Kaleb.

Sure, like everyone, there are times when I can get a little down, wallow in some self-pity, but I'm always pulled back up. The truth of it is -and this is a direct quote my Dad has sayed over and over since I was a little girl- 'I live a charmed life.'


  1. I was just thinking about you this morning and was going to send you an email, and then your post popped up in my feed.

    It is often hard to find the good during difficult times, I am glad you could do that, and that it brought you some comfort. Sounds like your dad is doing better, that is wonderful news.

    Love the quote from your dad :)

  2. I am so sorry you all got sick but so glad everything is getting better!

  3. Hoping that things will get better soon for you guys! x


  4. ... and Spring will come but not before some more snow fun (this week). Thanks for the book tip. Praying for your Dad and all of you always.

  5. I have been thinking about you all week, wondering when you would post and hoping everything was going alright!!

    So happy that your Dad is recovering, though it sucks that you all got sick. Despite how horrible these times are in life, I always discover afterwards that they displayed my blessings to me on a platter...and though I'm sure you're glad everything is looking up, I'm sure you'll look back and be proud of how you all confronted this challenge together! Your SIL sounds amazing, and I'm sending you all good vibes and hugs!


  6. Every single one of your posts are inspiring and stir. I'm very happy for you that things are shifting alright. Best of care xx


  7. you are a bright light, my friend. xoxo

  8. Such a beautiful post to remember the happy. Glad things are better. :)

  9. You have such a talent for finding the good and writing it out so beautifully. I will have to check out that book. I have been on a reading craze lately and love hearing suggestions. Veg night sounds like a wonderful idea! I hope things keep getting better for you.

  10. nice write up, cute baby.

  11. such an inspiring post! just found your blog and totally love it :)

  12. Ahhh, I hope everyone in the house is feel much better and no more sickly! Keep those little happiness lights shining.

  13. Love that quote from your dad! Such an important thing to see the good in life, especially when going through rough times. Sorry to hear you were all sick! That is not fun at all!

  14. I loved Peace Like A River. Such a great book! I'm glad you have such as positive outlook. Looking on the bright side is the best way!

  15. It sounds like you have such a wonderful support system! Hope things continue to calm down for you :)

    Circus & Bloom

  16. It's good to hear you both are on the mend and taking your time getting back. I encourage you to continue to soak up that family and rest up fully. We (blogging community and readers) are here to support you and be here still, ready to listen when you are ready to share. Much love, Kiddo.
    Texas Jak

  17. I'm sorry I'm so behind on your posts. I'm happy things are getting better, I bet it really was not a fun time there for a while. Your dad is very lucky to have you all. Thank you for the book recommendation, I haven't read a fiction in a while, might have to pick it up.