Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bring on Spring

What seems like just a few days ago, I was deep in the heart of winter. Enjoying the arctic chill of the out of doors set in direct contrast to the backdrop of a warm house- with a fire blazing, it's deep hues of orange and red pushed against the glass panes.

We had fallen into our cold weather routine- and it was lovely. Big Breakfasts, cleaning up as a family to the beating tones of Mumford and Sons- always the boys first pick. From there we would all take to the fireplace room, warm drinks in hand to read or partake in mancala tournaments, all before we would lay our little miss down for a morning nap, while we commenced to schooling. Using her post sleep wails as our closing bell- we would grab a quick lunch before bundling up and heading out for an afternoon spent playing with mother nature.

We had a thing, a rhythm- It was working.

and now it's not.

These wee bugs have become tightly wound balls of highly compressed energy- ready to explode at any moment. They are over the cozy and the methodical. You can see it in their eyes, an almost crazed longing for adventure, warmth and freedom. They want to run wild and build and explore- they are craving the deliverance that only spring can bring them. I can feel it welling up inside me too. A deep longing for sunshine to warm the tops of my shoulders and caress the back of my neck. To dig my hands into the cool, soft earth- planting seeds and bringing forth life.

There is something wholly special in the changings of the seasons. Bringing with it an awakening, a renewal of routines and refreshing metamorphose of drill. I can feel the heartbeat of spring coming forth within us- a feeling of power like we ourselves could call up the tulips, buttercups, violets and vervains.

Change is coming, and we-for one, are ready.


  1. YES to all of this. We are feeling it too, and are enjoying our little break by the beach. Unfortunately I know we are going home to lots of snow, and that spring is still a few weeks away :(

    Mumford and Sons is a fav in our home too :)

  2. loved this post so much. we can relate. our routine has been super, but recently has been feeling a little ... this again? my girl only makes it halfway through school before having a meltdown ... so once a day we are living in high, high stress. it's not fun. i know that once it warms up and we can spend most of our time outdoors ... it will be much better. and sunshine!! will certainly do us a lot of good. sorry, i didn't mean to ramble on about me! haha. just could relate that's all. xo. hugs to you.

  3. I am ready for spring! Flowers, sunshine and baby animals make me happy and there is so much beauty to photograph. Can't wait!

    This was a lovely read. Thank you :) Enjoy your Spring!

    xo, Mikéla

  4. Also love the picture you took of those boots! Adorable!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful words. Those last ones especially. Finley has been a little crazy lately and I realized today it's because he's probably ready for Spring and to get outdoors! We need warm weather soon...or we're going to have to go find some!

  6. There is something so fun about starting a fresh routine with the change of season! It sounds like you guys are right on track.

  7. Such a beautifully written post, and I love the photo...so cute!

  8. So ready for it! Have you noticed all the flowers? Everything is blooming and it is gorgeous!





  9. Creative CountrysideMarch 4, 2015 at 11:13 AM

    I am ready too. Even though it has been bitterly cold here this week it has still felt like something spring-like is on the horizon - the daffodils are emerging and the sun has been shining and I want it now! x

  10. We are so on the same page here! Up until about mid February we did our best to really enjoy all that winter had to offer. Now, we are just so done with it. Today was finally above 40 degrees in New England and it feels so good. Hoping your spring comes quickly!

  11. Oh man, I am SO ready for the warmer weather! I mean, I always am by this time of year, but I especially am at the moment. I hope all this wintery mess coming in right now misses you guys and us!

  12. Gahh...I am going stir crazy toooo. I'm trying to embrace these last few wintery weeks but every now and then there's that whiff of spring in the air....and it puts a spring in my step!


  13. I bet your little ones are going a little crazy waiting for spring so they can run around and play outside- sans gloves and scarves!

    I'm definitely ready for a new season- green grass, leaves on trees, flowers. I feel like it's been AGES since I've seen a real flower, how funny. Bring on spring!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  14. Your writing is so beautiful!! And I'm with your kiddos…I'm dying for spring to hurry up and get here!

  15. Oh how I echo your thoughts... I think I could have written this post (maybe not as eloquently though :-) ), we feel the end of the cold coming and things here are manic now. Our biggest fights right now are about outdoor clothes and closed-toed shoes. Spring will be a relief.