Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Oh the Wonderful Things Kids Say

These wilds, I tell you true- they are funny! They are sensitive and wise and say the absolute best stuff. While I may have a terrible memory and am pretty quick to forget, I've been trying to write down a few- to hopefully remember someday. 

So here goes. . .

Zain was quizzing my Mom about why she has a christmas tree still up, and she was trying to explain that it's not just a christmas tree, She said- "it's uh, well it's a," confused and yet so badly wanting to help he says "What is it, an oak?"

Isaac- "Everybody thinks I'm a girl." True story, he's just so stinkin beautiful! Even if we shaved all his hair off I think people would still ask.

Aussie was reading a supposed inspirational poster about parenting hanging on the wall at her piano lessons- the list had all sorts of rules- take them to the movies in their pajamas, laugh often, bake cookies, you know the type. She finished reading it and said, " that's crazy! You do what you can the best you can." Amen sister, Amen.

While watching Andy Griffith (or Andy Giffins as they say) Zain mentioned how pretty one of the girls was "but not as pretty as you mama, you have that long blonde hair." Ha, that sweet boy, never wanting me to feel less.

Eleanor "Yeah" Ok, I get it, that doesn't seem like a big deal to you, but trust me, after months of only hearing "MO" its a welcome reprieve!

When telling a story to the kiddos one night, I said "When the moon is full I turn into a special kind of Mom-" I was getting ready to describe how I get flying powers or how I can spit snot balls, when Isaac said "you're always a special kind of mama." and I melt.

Aussie telling her friends that she was excited because I was cooking "toe food" Ummmm, well, it's tofu.

Zain telling his Grammy that she's a "great gal"- where do they come up with this stuff?


  1. I love the "great gal" comment! You can tell he's going to be a real ladies man when he grows up ;)
    As for Isaac, I commiserate--I had short hair as a kid and everyone thought I was a boy! No long term scars, just more appreciation for gender ambiguity :P

  2. This post made me smile, especially the part about Zain telling grandma she's a great gal! ADORABLE!


  3. Omg, this is too cute. Kids DO say the craziest + cutest things sometimes. Your little ones are so sweet and SMART!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. Beautiful photos [what, the ones for Project 52 are better than THESE??? My, girl, you're on a roll ;)]....loved your post.....too funny! Loved Aussie's one (you kind of know you're doing something right when they say stuff like that!).....have you seen this idea? http://beckyhiggins.com/we-noticed-a-mothers-journal/ I've started one these year for each of mine and am loving it: it only takes a few minutes each night and I know it's something we'll really treasure. [I love that it gives me a little silent moment, as well, in the evening, just thinking about each of them separately].

  5. I love this! Your kids are so beautiful, kind, and smart. Zain telling his grandma she's a "great gal" is so funny!

    prosecco in the park

  6. This cracked me up! Kids are so funny, where do they come up with these things? They're so witty!


  7. Your kids are so sweet!! They clearly adore you. I absolutely love the way kids have no filter. They just speak what's in their heart or on their minds.


  8. Ah, oh my goodness, this is adorable!! Kids really do say the best things! And yours sound so sweet and witty :-)

  9. Ohh, what an adorable post! I love these sweet little comments! Such a great reminder to write the funny moments of life down before we forget.

    Circus & Bloom

  10. Aww these are the cutest quotes! Little ones are hilarious. I can't imagine what it is like to have four, constantly coming out with quotes that make you chuckle. It is so clear how much they love you.

  11. Adorable photos too! So fun that you write it all down

  12. This is really sweet and I love that you've taken to writing down some of the cute things your children say. My mum and I often have hilarious chats with her remembering some of the odd things I've said in the past! :)



  13. i just love "isms" from little ones. i practically blurted out loud when i read that all eleanor was saying up until recently was "MO". my niece was the same way! bahahah!

  14. Hahaha too cute! I love the one about their grandma...great gal! Too good. One blessed lady you are!





  15. Oh my gosh, how funny these are! Kids can be so sweet and funny and sincere, and so very serious when they say great things like these. I love that you're remembering them.

  16. splendid and just adorable!! this made me smile today!

    Animated Confessions

  17. SO adorable!


  18. lol! This is hilarious! Isn't it incredible what kids pick up from us and use it randomly at any given occasion? So great you take notes of these, you'll have a good laugh showing them one day when they're adults ;)

  19. OMG too cute!!! I can't wait until my twin nephews start talking!


  20. This is so cute! Both what they say and the pictures. -Hanna Lei

  21. These posts might be one of my favourite series! They are so darn cute! What a great way to remember this little kid-isms as well.

  22. So cute! I love the one about your son telling you that you have that long blonde hair. Kids are amazing :)


  23. I'm in tears from laughter..."toe food". Kids are brilliant and yours are truly wonderful. Entertainment 24/7. Great quotes..keep'em coming.
    Texas Jak

  24. they are soo cute! bless


  25. Kids say the BEST things. These are so sweet (& funny). I keep tons of notes bc I don't ever want to forget. :)

  26. Oh my gracious, they are adorable! Both in looks and in their words!

  27. this is one of my favorite posts of yours--"not as pretty as you mama" awww..aren't you a lucky one!

  28. hahaha!! oh my goodness, adorable...
    Love this kind of post! the kids say the beeest things.

    Much love from Paris xx
    Valentina Duracinsky Blog