Thursday, October 2, 2014

behind the lens

My humble beginnings in photography began about a year and half ago. I felt like I was losing so many special memories that really deserved to be captured. The children changing and growing- and it was passing by, completely lost. With nothing concrete of the everyday or the huge milestones to hold onto.

Freeze time, right? Isn't that the whole point of photography. To actually have the power to suspend a moment. To hang it up and hold it. A newborn babe in my arms, a plucky three year old with chubby hands, a little girl on the verge of so much more. These, these are the moments I wanted. Honest, thick with real life.

So for my birthday, just over a year ago, I asked for a camera. Nothing to fancy. I honestly had no idea how to use it, or what would become of this venture. I went with the Nikon D3200, and a 50 mm 1.4 lens. 

Not knowing the first thing on how get the shots I was after, I signed up for an online Intro to Photography course. The class forced me and inspired me to pull my camera out everyday, to wear it always and let it become a part of me.

I shot everything and everyone, my children the premier muses.Every now and then I would get lucky and get that perfect image, but that's where the problem lied- it was simply luck not skill. So, I kept on. . .

The sheer might of being behind the lens, a wizard just entering Hogwarts. That was me, I was learning to stop time, to make magic. 

Gradually, over the past few months, they have started to look more the way I imagined. I can see improvement and feel a confidence building. It's one of the aspects of photography I enjoy most- you have never truly arrived. There is always so much more the learn, new equipment to master, recently discovered techniques to attempt. And, while I may feel like my behind the camera skills are getting some better, editing is still my nemesis. 


  1. Your photos are amazing, I wish I knew how to use my camera better. I have a Nikon D3100 and I barely know how to use it. I bought a guide for it but haven't even opened it. Ooops. I really need to though... I love photographing things and making memories. It really is magical :)


  2. Your photos are really lovely I love how you capture the special moments in life! Your children are lovely and as you say you get to capture a moment in time and cherish it forever! There is always something new to learn about taking photos but that is what makes it fun!


  3. First of all, I loooove your photography! Every post is just so beautiful with those shots you take!

    Ah, those prime lenses make all the difference in the world! :) I got into photography for the same reason. I knew I wanted great photos of our kids someday so I wanted to go ahead and buy a camera and learn to use it. Especially since we were planning to go to Italy. Almost two years ago I got my first DSLR camera (also a Nikon girl!) and it was great. Then a few months later a photographer friend convinced me that I needed a 50mm prime lens. It changed my world. Through learning about photography for our own family (to chronicle our life and travels) I discovered a love for photography that I didn't realize I had. And my business blossomed out of that love almost exactly a year ago. :)

  4. first time visitor here :) and I am truly impressed with your work, Chelsea!

    I too am a self-taught photographer (and still learning) since 2011 and have gotten many opportunities and now am a contributor for a website along with other photographers from around the world, along with travel opportunities and online features- my top advice is just to keep on exploring!

    since you take lovely pictures of your children, may I suggest doing a 52 (portrait) project? I am currently doing for this year myself (along with a 365) and it's quite nice to have documentation since so much change in those 52 short weeks

    kindly, a new reader/subscriber xo

    1. Thank you! Truly made my day. So impressed at how much you have accomplished in the field in just three years, it sounds so exciting!

  5. You are so talented! I love all your pics and hope I can capture more of my boys' moments. It all does go by so fast:)

  6. Wow! These photos are gorgeous. I'm a self taught photographer as well but I'm nowhere near your level. xx

  7. Beautiful post, amazing photos (as always). Love you, love your blog xxx Can you believe my previous blog was almost a photography blog and now I'm all - literally all - words?! I'm going to have to get my camera out and shooting again (I miss it; you make me miss it!!)...

  8. photography, definitely the best to keep the moment. That moment, the special one... one smile, one feeling...


    © Paradise Edition

  9. Beautiful post! You take beautiful photographs!

  10. wow, that first picture of your daughter witht hose white glasses, she looks like a 60's mod fashion model. i love it!

  11. Photography is definitely one of the arts I most want to learn about. I remember a few years ago when I went to a psychic (not that I actually believe in all that mumbo jumbo) and he told me I needed to learn to take more pictures - something I still struggle with years after that visit.

    High Heels & Happy Feels

  12. Photography is such a beautiful thing, you don't just capture an image but a memory and while it might not mean something for someone else, to you it's something special.

    it's beautiful and each time I visit your blog I'm inspired to try and take more pictures in different ways and lighting!

    beautiful post as always with gorgeous pictures :)

    Layla xx

  13. You have been blessed with the most beautiful family. If only you lived closer to me, I'd have you taking my husband & I's photos for everything! I'm looking forward to following your blog <3

  14. Such gorgeous images, you are a wonderful photographer! Your family is so beautiful. I think I need to attend a photography course to get more into it, I want to be able to capture moments when I finally have children. Don't worry about editing, there are millions of tutorials online! xo

  15. Girlfriend you are totally talented! And might I say uber blessed to have such beautiful muses!



  16. Came back to read this from your guest post and loved it all over how you talk about photography being a journey of constant learning.....i think that's what I'm most excited about for the 'project'...something to challenge me....get me out of my box...thank you xxx