Friday, August 22, 2014

midweek escape

Kaleb and I took our buggies on a mini adventure last week. We woke up early piled in the car excited for what may lie ahead. After a quick stop for breakfast and a large cup of coffee we traveled the winding roads thru the hills to a nearby pioneer village.

The wild ones loved it. They dipped candlesticks, assisted a broom maker, observed jewelry making and questioned a blacksmith who made square nails. After we had filled up on all the pioneer fun we could, we headed to a neighboring creek to cool off.

We waded in deep, explored dark coves, ventured to catch fish with only our bare hands. We skipped rocks, and hunted tadpoles and laughed til our sides ached.

Kaleb secretly discovered a heart shaped rock and surprised me with it when we returned home. A little momento to remember our day. Can I just say - I am one lucky lady! This family of mine, I love them so.


  1. You guys are GORGEOUS! Love all the little blondies! And what a fun time!



  2. You are a wonderful and beautiful family! I can see that the kids had really a lot of fun.

    Love, xoxo

  3. You have such a beautiful family! A visit to a pioneer village followed by swimming in a creek sounds like such a fun time. And that heart shaped rock is such a sweet souvenir.

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  4. Beautiful photos! What a lovely day! Your children are like peas in a pod...all that gorgeous blonde hair! I have two red heads that have followed in my footsteps (poor things!!)

  5. i adore this post - it looks like you all had a lovely time and the photos are beautiful

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  6. Your family are adorable, great images x
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  7. Such lovely photos and gorgeous family !!